The rules for Elimination are very basic – try to eliminate all the players on the other team. Players are eliminated when they are hit with a paintball that breaks upon impact. Most Elimination games start with each team on opposite sides of the field. Once the game begins, the teams move towards each other. Each team works together to utilize the strategies they agree will work best to eliminate the opposing team. At Texas Paintball we have experienced referees to provide your group any needed consulting.

Capture the Fort:

The objective of Capture the Fort is to either hold the fort, or take the fort in a specific amount of time. The defending team starts the match at the fort, and the opposing team starts a distance away from the fort. As the attacking team advances towards the fort, they will need to utilize local cover and bunkers to avoid being shot by the defending team. Capture the Fort is won once the fort team has defended for a specific time, or the attacking team has eliminated the other players.

Capture the Flag:

Capture the Flag begins with two flags placed on opposite sides of the field. Each team must work to capture the opposing team’s flag, while protecting their own. The game is won after you bring the opposing team’s flag back to your base. If you are hit and declared out while holding the flag, you must drop the flag where you are.

Other games may be played upon request.

(Center Flag, Center Flag Push, Civill War, Drug Lord, Grenade, Man Hunt, Protect the President, Vampires)